Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

HSE is our core value.

At Graham, Health, Safety and Environment are part of every workday. Core values that are fully integrated into all our operations. By making the health and safety of our people, the protection of our communities and the environment our first priority, we consistently complete projects on time in the safest, most responsible manner.

As part of Graham’s strategic vision, we have developed and implemented an extensive ISO45000 based HSE management system. It defines the baseline processes and requirements for every project – from pursuit to completion and handover.

More than just regulatory compliance, HSE is a higher-standard core value built on continuous improvement. Our HSE Management System reflects the company-wide commitment toward zero harm–unwaveringly ensuring the safety, health and wellness of people, communities and the environment. Our actively caring culture underpins every project through the stringent application of rigorous management and optimization of our resources.

At Graham, we believe that all safety-related incidents are foreseeable, predictable and preventable. We pursue these goals with a strong supervisory presence, actively caring culture and extraordinary leadership engagement.

Building it better. quality above all.

Everyone at Graham takes pride in the quality of our work. From pre-construction and planning to execution, completion and turnover, a clean and top-quality closeout for our client is always our goal.

Our reputation for quality is well earned due to operational excellence at every step, engaged visionary leadership and relentless improvement. Championed by Graham Executive management, our proprietary ISO9001-based Quality Management System is a key tenet of every project. It defines the baseline processes and requirements from a project’s pursuit to completion and handover. Processes that are constantly measured, analyzed and evaluated in order to make improvements or add resources. This uncompromising approach to quality management is how we consistently deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Graham, quality is both inspiration and aspiration. Our industry leading quality systems–driven from the top down–infuse quality into key decision-making. Our focus on proactive elimination or prevention of deficiencies and our highly engaged, innovative and adaptive workforce who take pride in the work are what make our quality standards anything but standard.